Monday, July 28, 2008

Food fun!

Evan had little bit of chocolate pudding this past weekend and really loved it! Yes, he did manage to get some in his mouth!
Evan loves to sit in a big chair at the kitchen table now. It tends to be a struggle for at least one meal getting him into his high chair. Hmmm...our little boy is all grown up!

Funny face!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big cutie

Here are some cute pictures taken of Evan over the past week or two. Not much new is happening in the Mears household. Evan has been really into books lately. Here he is reading his Thomas the Train book wearing his conductor's hat... Evan is saying new words every day. He's also quite tall and getting into everything! Challenging but fun!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Vacation, Part 2

Next on our vacation, we set out to see Mears, Michigan. Yes, there's a town close to the Silver Lake Dunes called Mears!
It was a cute little town. We hit all the shops...a bakery, cake shop, the market, a gift shop, and ate at a wonderful cafe. Mears, Michigan is great! Here's the main street... Evan in front of Mears Market...
Back in Indiana, Evan got to play with another child his age, Miles, the son of Betsy and John. Betsy lived next door to us throughout childhood. Here is Evan playing in the sprinkler...
Miles cheesing it up for Jason...

Now it's time for cake! Evan's cousin, Isaac, had his 3rd birthday party while we were home. Here is Evan enjoying the cake! He must know that "A Christmas Story" is Mommy's favorite Christmas movie. Yes, he knows how to use a fork and spoon. It's not as much fun that way!Yum!

Isaac got a Power Wheels for his birthday. He loved driving it around.

Evan went for a ride also with his cousin, Clayton, in the driver's seat. Clayton did such a great job driving. Evan had a lot of fun and enjoyed the ride...

Chillin'... Bath time! Grandma's dog, Pepper, loves baths. Well, so does Evan... Love the spiked hair!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Vacation, Part 1

Welcome to our summer vacation, Part 1. The Mears family ventured back to the midwest to visit with friends and family a few weeks ago. We relaxed over the July 4th weekend and played outside as the weather was quite nice and kind of cool (when you're used to mid-upper 90 degree days!).

Evan says, "Happy Independence Day!"
No venture outside would be complete without some football. Here's Evan playing with the football...
Throwing it...
A running back in training?
Daisy was enjoying the weather too...
Evan's quite goofy. Grandma would be marching in place and Evan would do the same...Then, he would "flex" his muscles by tightening up his fists and making a funny face. It was hilarious!
After spending a few days with the family in Fort Wayne, we made our way to western Michigan to visit with Grandpa and Nana. Grandpa has a boat on White Lake, which connects to Lake Michigan. Evan had fun running around on the boat. Here he is with Aunt Wendy looking out the hatch...
Chilling with Mommy while docked...
Whoa! This boating thing is really fun. Look at all that water!
Evan even got to help drive the boat. He found the horn and loved tooting it!
Lake Michigan - it was kind of choppy so we didn't go out too far.
The next day in Michigan, the weather was a lot better. Clear blue skies and warm. We went to the Silver Lake Dunes and it was amazing! I really enjoyed the dunes. They're so enormous!At first, Evan wasn't a huge fan of walking in the sand. But when Daddy showed him he could play in it, Evan got a bit more adventurous...Evan crouched down and started burying his feet in the sand... It was really cute!
Here's a view from the top of one of the many dunes. You can see Lake Michigan...
Evan walking up the dunes...Daddy and Evan on top of one of the dunes...
The Mears family on top of a dune...
On our way down, we stopped to get a group headshot picture. Here's Daddy, Aunt Wendy, Mommy, and Evan.
There are plenty more pictures to come. Look for them to be posted tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy July!

Just a few pictures to update everyone on Evan...

He loves to get in the tupperware cupboard and play with all the plastic bowls, lids, cups, etc. We still need to capture a photo when Evan has his nose scrunched up on a container lid. We're working on it!
No meal or snack is complete without a "Cheers!"
Continuing to play on the stairs. He's getting quite good at it. His latest thing is wanting to walk up and down like a grown-up. Most of the times he'll grab our hands for help, but there are the occasional brave moments.
Styling with Daddy's Reds hat...
Check out my new haircut and model pose...
Evan got his first professional haircut at a salon called Cartoon Cuts. He was really scared and clinged to Mommy the whole time. This stranger anxiety is no fun! But his hairstylist did a great job!

Evan was playing with his new puzzle and terrorizing Daisy at the same time by stealing her ball. They're getting along great!
Adorable! Bye! We'll see most of you in Indiana and Michigan soon!