Sunday, September 2, 2012

I am a Kindergartener!

I started kindergarten!  I will be the first to admit that I was a little scared to go to a new school, with new teachers, and friends, but I was also very excited!

Check out my new Scooby Doo backpack...

Standing on my stump in my Scooby Doo shirt...

And do not forget my Angry Birds lunch bag...

Each year my mommy takes a picture of me standing by the flag on our house.  The picture on the top is last year.  The one on the bottom is this year.  I have grown a lot!

Me and my little brother, Caleb.  He really did not want his picture taken that morning!

Walking to school holding hands with Daddy.  We live just a few blocks from my school, so we walk every day! 

Me and Daddy outside my school...

I'm getting ready!

Me and Mommy outside my school...

The first few days of school my kindergarten teacher walks out and meets her students.  Here we are lined up outside the school, ready to walk in for the first time as kindergarteners!  I'm near the lady with the black and gray stripes on - see my Scooby backpack?

While I was at school, Mommy and Caleb made me a giant chocolate chip cookie.  Daddy was checking things out before he left for work.

Here I am with my giant cookie! 

This is really how I am - crazy silly! 

Here's my cookie up close... (Fernway is the name of my school) 

I found a cool rock at school, so we wrote on it: "1st Day of Evan's Kindergarten 2012".  I am going to put it in my rock collection. 

 I have gone to school for 3 days now and I love it!  I was really dissapointed that I could not go this weekend.  I cannot wait to go back on Tuesday!