Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pasta, yum!

Pasta is such an easy, quick, and inexpensive dinner that seems to always bring a smile to Evan's face. We're not quite sure if it's the taste he loves or playing in it. During this dinner, he refused to wear his bib (yes, we're picking our battles!). So instead of ruining his shirt, we stripped him down and he went topless. Evan took it upon himself to paint himself with pasta sauce. Ooooh, cheesy garlic bread!
"Ah!" (aka - open your mouth and show me what's in there!)...Cutie pie! Here, Mom, I'll give you a better look at my belly painting!
Speaking of picking our battles, here's a glimpse of breakfast this morning...
Rain boots, cup of milk, and a bag of Teddy Grahams. Ahhh, life is good!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Philadelphia in a tropical storm

Evan, Daddy, and Mommy headed to Philadelphia on September 6, when Tropical Storm Hanna decided to hit the east coast. Believe it or not, it was fun! We had already prepaid for our hotel room, so there was no rescheduling. It was a wise decision. True, we got soaked on Saturday, but it was a really warm day, warm rain, and the wind wasn't chilly at all. The good thing was that a majority of the crowds didn't brave the weather, so the lines to the historic attractions were small, if present at all. Good lesson to learn! And who doesn't love to play in the rain?!
Here are Daddy and Evan walking around the Independence Hall Visitor's Center...
Family photo in front of the Liberty Bell...(yes, Evan's face is funny!)

A toddler wishing he could play in the tropical storm in front of Independence Hall...

Can I, please?

The Assembly Room in Independence Hall, where it all started...Because Evan REALLY wanted to talk during the tour of Independence Hall, Daddy was walking him around the hallway to not disturb the others in the tour. The advantage? He got to see the key that opens the doors!The next morning after breakfast, Evan had a bit of energy and was running around our hotel room being Superboy! Gearing up...Phew! I'm tired!Lunch was a delicious cheesesteak sandwich from Pat's (notice Evan snuck a sip of Root Beer!) Daddy and Mommy both had a sandwich from Pat's...Then went across the street to Geno's...

They compete for the Best Cheesesteak in Philadelphia. We tried both and liked Pat's better. It was the original and is less flashy. Yum!

After lunch we headed back to Independence Hall and the mall to get some outside, sunny pictures. Daddy and Evan in front of Independence Hall...Evan loved running on the grass areas...

Suckers (in line for the Liberty Bell...we literally just walked in the day before in the storm...see, this proves that you should sight-see in the rain!)

We then headed to Franklin Park where there is a fountain, huge sand castle, carousel, playground, etc. Evan really wanted to ride the carousel as he kept pointing to it as we walked by. Sure! He might as well have his first carousel ride in Philadelphia!
Um, after it started going around and around and the horse went up and down, Evan decided he didn't like it so much! He was clinging onto me but I could not unhook him from the horse as it was still moving! Poor kid!

The funny thing was that after he got off the carousel, he kept pointing to it again wanting to ride it. Silly child!

We made it back home safe and sound. All in all we had a great trip to Philadelphia! Once back at home, Evan was up to his old antics climbing on everything...

Ahhh, he sure does keep us busy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Naked baby in galoshes

I told you!
Who needs clothes?
Ahhh, such a cutie pie!
Oops, wrong feet!
Evan loves these galoshes. He puts them on daily even when it's not raining outside!