Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Evan dressed up as Yoda this year for Halloween. We practiced wearing the "hat" all week so he'd be used to it. We even got out our pumpkin buckets and practiced trick-or-treating around the house, with little cars, puzzle pieces, etc. It all was worth it!
He was ready to go after seeing the children trick-or-treat at our house...
On our way!
Evan's first house was a nice neighbor of ours who is a pediatric nurse. She was all dressed up and had scary music and lots of lit pumpkins on her driveway. Evan was taken aback at first and was scared and shy. But when she gave him a piece of candy in his pumpkin bucket and it made noise, he began to like this trick-or-treating thing!
We ventured around the square to select townhomes and Evan got more and more used to walking up the sidewalks, ringing the doorbells, and looking at the pumpkins. The neighbors would hand a piece of candy to Evan and he would put it in his pumpkin and wave bye-bye! He even told one pumpkin bye! Yoda was a hit! Everyone thought he was adorable. Well, of course!
After Evan's bucket was getting quite full (and Mommy & Daddy were tired), we headed back home. We set up camp in our driveway (something a lot of the people did in our neighborhood - very social!). Yoda handed out candy to the kids walking by. It was really cute! Our old neighbors from the apartments live in our townhome neighborhood now too, so we were talking with her. Evan gave the kids so much candy when we were talking! He would give one piece at a time and kept coming back for more. It was great! Yoda really likes Halloween!
Yoda is contemplating something...perhaps chocolate?!
After we came inside, we relaxed a bit. Evan got to eat his first chocolate. "Yum!" He was a bit wired afterwards and played with Daddy...

And Daisy...

All in all we had a great time trick-or-treating tonight. Evan's, oh, I mean Yoda's Mommy and Daddy were really proud of how well he did! He's such a good boy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Butler's Orchard, Part 2

At the Pumpkin Festival at Butler's Orchard, Evan was running around to all these wooden cut-outs and sticking his head through them. We didn't even prompt him to do the flower (above). He was having a blast!

Boo! Did I scare you?
Got Pumpkins? Evan was showing off his pumpkin!Onto the Pumpkin Patch! We took a hayride to the fields and Evan wasn't too thrilled to be sitting on scratchy hay. Eventually he relaxed a bit and enjoyed the ride. Once we got to the pumpkin patch, Evan was off! He went running to every pumpkin and tried to lift them, no matter how large...Exploring the patch...
Mommy, really, do I have to pose for this picture? (Yeah, he looks so thrilled, huh?!)Here is Evan hugging and cuddling on a pumpkin. He was tired as he didn't have his nap yet that day. He does this to pillows at home when he's sleepy. Ooooh, I found one just my size...
Yah! I got it!
Hmh, tryin' move...this one...
Evan had a great time at the pumpkin patch. I could of taken pictures with all the pumpkins he played with, picked up, rolled down the hill, etc., but we'd be here all day! Happy pumpkins!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Butler's Orchard, Part 1

Last weekend we went to Butler's Orchard for the Pumpkin Festival. It was great! The weather was perfect - sunny, cool, and crisp. They had a lot of wooden cut-outs for the kids to pose in and play with. Evan was quite curious about the large pumpkin...
Hmmm, "How Tall This Fall"? Almost 3 feet!
We ventured to the corn maze and had fun walking and exploring in the fields of corn.
What did Daddy find? Evan got a close-up view of Daddy shucking the corn.
Oooh, that was neat, Daddy! (Love this facial expression!)Wow! This corn is tall! (Again, we love this expression!)
Next was an adventure on the potato sack slide. Daddy and Evan waited in a LONG line but it was worth it!
Weee! Evan kept wanting to go on the slide again but he didn't want to wait in line. He tried to cut in line multiple times, but his Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let him. So to distract him, we went to the pumpkin chucker and saw pumpkins being shot out of a cannon at a old car and bullseye. One got close and splattered over everything! Evan loves to sit on our shoulders and now he thinks it's fun to lean back... Checking out the pumpkin cannon. (Look where Evan is holding on - Daddy's ears, again!)
Butler's Orchard has a lot of things for little ones to play with and in. Here is Evan walking through a huge pipe. He kept going back and forth and back and forth...They also have a "petting zoo" for the children. Evan saw the 3 little pigs (sleeping here). One of them awoke and came to the fence for some petting. Evan touched the pig and thought it was funny. He saw some chickens and hens (but no petting those guys - they'd peck his fingers off!). So we waved "hi" to them instead! Evan saw some sheep (aka "babas") also. Finally, he got to see two goats up close. How cute is this picture?! More to come later...we took a hayride to the pumpkin fields to pick out our perfect pumpkins! Check back soon!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Green, growing, and great!

So, as if you haven't heard it already, but Evan is awesome! He really is a sweet and good child with such a gentle heart. We got camera happy last night after work and took some fun, cute, and silly pictures. In this picture, I asked Evan, "Where is your spoon? Can you show me your spoon?" Somedays his spoon is like a security blanket.Someone was getting hungry. Evan does this when he's hungry or tired...Mommy got to snuggle with Evan... He loves these green boots his Aunt Susan gave him. That with his Elmo hat on backwards and he was ready to go! He really wanted to listen to "Melmo" on the stereo, but we stood our ground and kept the Jazz CD playing. Evan really likes Jazz as well. He'll move his body and groove to the beat. It's really adorable!Gotta sit down to adjust my boots... Silly boy! Yah, boots!Taking a piggy-back ride with Daddy...notice where he holds on! Daddy could not see! There we go! We taught Evan to hold onto Daddy's ears for the rides. It was cracking me up!Daddy was carrying Evan's boots up the stairs when it was time for bed. He REALLY wanted his boots and wasn't interested in bedtime!

We're heading to the Pumpkin Festival today. I'm glad we waited until this weekend because it's cool and crisp! Perfect autumn weather. Look for pumpkin pictures shortly!