Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun at the zoo!

We went to the National Zoo today for the first time in the 2009 season. Evan loved it! The best part was that Evan would recognize the animals and name them. He certainly is growing up! We started out by seeing Happy the Hippo. Apparently, he is leaving the National Zoo for another zoo sometime this year.Evan got a bird's eye view sitting on top of Daddy's shoulders...Next we saw the elephants! Onto the Big Cats display. Evan kept asking for the big cats! When we were walking up to the lions, we heard some growling and roars, but didn't know if it was a sound effect or what. The lion was, indeed, making loud sounds and it was really neat! Even a little rain shower could not keep us away!
Next was the tigers! Remember from last year how Evan would peek through the holes and look at the tigers...
He's a bit bigger this year...
The tiger (this one roared and growled as well - so cool!)... Checking out the seals and pelicans with Daddy...
Evan said this one "fell down!"
This seal jumped in the water and was letting the pelicans nip at his tail!After a long, hot and damp day, nothing's better than a yummy ice cream cone!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Natural

Evan's a natural at T-ball! We got him this t-ball set last night and he LOVES it! Perfect for a fun summer! Evan putting the ball on the tee...Planning the hit... The bat makes perfect contact... And away it goes! The smile of a genius!Daisy was having a blast chasing all the balls...We also got Evan a baseball mitt and ball. He's ready for summer!Got it!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cute Daisy Mae

A blog dedicated to our first baby, Daisy Mae! She was playing in the extra bedroom one night while Daddy and Evan were looking online and I could not pass up these cute photos. What a sweet face!
Daisy has also been a trooper with me while I'm running outside. Most of the time she is hopping and bounding right beside me or even pushing me a bit by running ahead of me. She's a good exercise partner!
Regarding Evan, not much new to report. When the weather is nice, he loves to be outside 24/7! He rides his bike, takes Daisy for a walk, plays at the playground across the street, plays with the other neighborhood kids, makes bubbles, and draws everywhere with his chalk. This summer will be lots of fun!

Monday, May 4, 2009


The Easter bunny brought Evan some Play-doh and now he loves to create masterpieces all the time! Here is Evan making a lobster from the cut-out...All I kept thinking about is how well he did - he can help at Christmas with the cookie cutters!Molding the Play-doh...Rolling it out...Daddy and Evan were creating lots of fun things...OK, just to embarrass him when he gets bigger, here is Evan in just a diaper and Elmo slippers! He would not take these slippers off but was running around the house one evening and was definitely working up a sweat. Off come the clothes, but the slippers stayed on. He wanted to make sure the camera saw all of Elmo's face... Evan and Elmo...