Monday, March 30, 2009

Devo Evan

Evan is doing a throw-back to the 80s...Devo! Nothing like putting a bucket on your head and running around the house!
Check me out!
Groovy dude!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goofy times

One day I was trying to get some fun pictures of Evan, this is what first turned out...
So serious! Anyway, once I told him to be silly and smile, etc., this is the funny face he gave me...Then he went to my right...Am I being goofy enough for you Mama?How about now? Am I close enough?
Ha, ha, this is fun!
Silly boy! He sure makes us laugh often!
One night we had waffles for dinner and Evan loved it! We just gave him a whole waffle (sans butter and syrup) and let him at it. It was bigger than his head!
Yummy! More goofy pictures to follow!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daisy!

Our first "child", Daisy Dixie Mae Mears, turns 9 years young today! Happy Birthday, Daisy! You're the best puppy anyone could ever have!

Random Thursday

Here are some random pictures from last night. Daddy was working on his new work laptop, so Evan pulled his out and was "working" too!
Then Evan wanted to hug Elmo...
Next was peek-a-boo! Daisy found him!
Where did he go?
Ahhh, he's peeking!

Monday, March 9, 2009

First hike of 2009

This weekend was a complete change from last weekend. No more snow! It was in the mid 70's every day, so we definitely took advantage of the warm weather. On Saturday, the Mears family headed to Black Hill regional park for our first hike of 2009. We had a great time! The ground was a little muddy from all the snow that had melted during the week, but that made it even more fun! Here is Evan walking down a trail...Evan said it was his turn to hold Daisy's leash, so we let him.They did pretty well except both liked to walk off the trail in the leaves or into the biggest mud puddles, and sometimes Daisy walked a little too fast for Evan to keep up!Evan really enjoyed being in charge of Daisy and her leash. It was cute!

Eventually, Daddy took over the reins for Daisy and she got to get her feet wet in the stream. She loves to paddle in the water and search around...

Evan was such a trooper on this hike. He's a big boy now and wanted to walk all the time. Daddy convinced him to take a break and get a ride on his shoulders. He had fun messing with Daddy's sunglasses...

All in all it was a great day at the park! The first of many hikes to come!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

Today, Mommy took a snow day and stayed home with Evan. We got a lot of snow! Around lunchtime, we saw a group of deer outside in the back...Now it was our time to play! Evan was very eager to go outside...We started off by walking around in the snow. It was lots of fun!Here are Mommy and Evan ready to play! Daisy and Evan liked to walk around in the snow...It's really deep for a 2-year old!Even though Daisy is a "southern dog", she loves the snow! Ready for a snowball...Smash! The snowball exploded all over her! Evan really tried to make his own snowballs. Daisy is helping...Got one for me? Huh?! Huh?! Huh?!
Evan saw his slide covered in snow and wanted to uncover it. Once we did that, he was eager to climb up and go for a slide.
On my way!
Boom! That was lots of fun!The last time he went down the slide, Evan dug his feet into the snow and landed on his belly. Mommy kept laughing at worries, he wasn't hurt at all and she brushed the snow off his face/hat.Brrr...the snow is cold on my face!
It was cold and Mommy forgot to put Daisy's coat on. She kept shivering, so on occasion, she had to go back in the house to thaw out. Evan really wanted Daisy to play...what do you think...does Daisy want to come outside too?
Snow angels! Mommy was making a snow angel and Evan was quite curious. Mommy helped Evan make his own angel and it was really precious!Here is Evan's (left) and Mommy's (right)...
Once inside, we bundled up with blankets (and Mommy with hot chocolate - Evan did not want to try it). We had a great time in the snow!