Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sprinkler Fun

It was a hot day today and Daddy was watering our backyard after planting grass seed. I really wanted to touch the water coming out of the sprinkler, but what I really wanted was to change into my swim trunks and play in the water! This is fun!
Uh oh, here it comes!
It got me!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I moved!

Big news! We moved to the Cleveland, Ohio, area. Daddy accepted an assistant professor position at Case Western Reserve University, so we are settling down in the midwest. Mommy and Daddy bought this beautiful, blue house in Shaker Heights... Do you like it? I certainly do! We have an old tree in the backyard and I wasted no time making myself at home digging in the dirt!
At first I had to make it to my new house in the move. Daisy certainly was curious as to what was in this box...
What was in it? Well, me, of course! I made it!
I have a lot of fun with the moving boxes. I love playing in them, hiding from Mommy and Daisy. Phew! This unpacking stuff is hard work!
Home sweet home. I am enjoying a yummy donut from a great local donut shop. Yummmmmmm...