Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Run, run, run with some artwork thrown in

Time seems to be flying by fast, just like Evan flies by when he's running around and around and around the kitchen island... These pictures were taken a few weeks ago. One night Evan had tons of energy and was running around the kitchen.Boy, running in circles can make a kid tired! What an adorable face! Having a blast!
What tends to happen when Evan is running around the island is that Daisy joins in the fun. She loves to chase Evan and barks in amusement... Daisy girl...Evan also loves to make faces at Daddy or Mommy. He'll bring his face down really low... And then his eyes, face, and eyebrows up really high... Besides running around and making faces, Evan has really been enjoying his art/gym class on Tuesday evenings. Last Tuesday, June 23, Evan made a rocket... He was so proud of the rocket, he put it on the refrigerator right away... This past week, June 30, Evan made fireworks (complete with stars!)... He loves art class and making projects! Of course, not all of the stars stayed on the artwork when we came home! Evan did put them back on eventually!
Proud little man...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Two for 2's

Evan has been going to his "gym", Romp n' Roll, for a while now. He loves it! For the summer session we had originally kept him in the same class he was doing before, Tumble Tunes. Basically it was a gym class with lots of music intermixed. Well, this session a lot of the children from his Tumble Tunes class moved to Two for 2's. It's a combo of art and gym. We decided to try it out and possibly switch him if Evan did well. The first class was last night and Evan had a blast! We were concerned with the "structure" of art class but he loved it! He was so thrilled to paint. Last night the children got to paint art smocks. They picked out their smock colors themselves and painted them with different brushes, sponges, and stamps. After art class they went into the gym and burned off some energy. A great class! We cannot wait to see what Evan will make next week!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thomas the Tank Engine

This past weekend we headed to Lancaster County, PA, to visit the Strasburg Rail Road. Sounds like fun, huh? The true reason we went to Strasburg was because Thomas the Tank Engine was there! We kept telling Evan that he was going to see the "real" Thomas and he was definitely looking forward to it!

Here are Evan and Daddy by the trains...
Evan was saying, "There's Thomas!" There he is! Thomas... Evan could not take his eyes off of him! Next we saw Sir Topham Hat. Evan wasn't too thrilled to see him. There's Thomas again! Daddy and Evan watching Thomas pull away... Here is a big train engine that pulled into the station... Neat, huh?! Next we were able to take a train ride on Thomas! Here is an adorable picture of Daddy on the Thomas Train... Mommy trying to get Evan to look at the camera...Relaxing on the train... Hmmm...what's out here? Soooo cute! Mommy and Evan on the Thomas Train... Evan looking out the window... He really enjoyed the train ride! Looking out the window at a Lancaster Co. farm... "There's a school bus!" Watching an Amish farmer work the field with his horses... Here was another train we rode in Strasburg... It was really big! Ha!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strawberry Time!

It's strawberry time here in Maryland! We have a local orchard (Butler's Orchard) that has pick-your-own fruit and the Mears family headed out last weekend to get some strawberries. It was fun! I had forgotten my camera then, so I made sure to bring it this past weekend when we picked some more.

Here is Evan picking strawberries... Such a great helper! Check out his bucket... Are these good? This one looks yummy...Evan was such a great helper! He loved picking the berries. You want me to pick how many more? Helping Daddy... No, Daddy, over there! Walking over the berry plants... Helping Mommy... Evan would take some berries that Mommy picked and dump them into the big container that Daddy was carrying. He had fun!