Monday, January 26, 2009

Tub fun and 2-year check up

Evan had his 2-year old check up with his pediatrician today. He's a healthy, growing boy! He weighs 29 pounds, 3 ounces (70th percentile) and is 35 inches tall (75th percentile). Everything the doctor or nurse asked if he did, we said, "yes". Totally on track! Yah!
Last night we had some fun in the tub. Well, this wasn't just last night, but every time Evan takes a bath. He loves to splash around and get Mommy and Daisy wet!
How cute is this face?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Evan turns 2!

Evan had a wonderful 2nd birthday. He woke up and ventured downstairs to get some milk. When he went into the kitchen, he looked up at the island and just stared in amazement. "Choo-choo train" is what he exclaimed! Mommy got his expression on video, so we'll post that soon. It was priceless! Mommy spent the whole day with him and Evan was in a great mood. That evening, we started opening presents, and as we learned later, this would take all night! The theme of Evan's 2nd birthday was definitely Elmo, trains, and automobiles. All things he really loves! He got an Elmo backpack and started putting all his treasures in it... Daisy was helping him open this clothing box...Oops, look where the clothing box is now (it's sitting up behind him, unopened!)...Evan really loved to rip the paper and throw it everywhere. That was the most fun!

Here he is sitting on a pillow that Grandma made him...
Time for cake! Blowing out the candles...Evan went straight for the smokestack on the engine!Diggin''s yummy!Cutie pie!...Check out my new backpack. Don't I look like such a big boy?!
Gotta keep eating my cake!All in all it was a wonderful birthday for Evan. He had a great time! Happy 2nd Birthday, Evan! Mommy, Daddy, and Daisy really love you!

Happy 2nd Birthday Evan!

A sneak peak of Evan's birthday cake this year...Here's the engine...
Car with logs...
Car with coal...
Party caboose!
We just know he's going to love it! Over 4 hours of decorating it...phew! Mommy and Daddy are heading to bed. Night!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Evan's new potty

Evan has a new potty! For a while now, he's been VERY interested in what Mommy & Daddy do when they are in the bathroom. More recently, Evan's been telling us when he has gone "poo-poo" in his diaper. So now was as good of a time as any to get Evan his first potty!

He tried it out (clothed of course) in the living room...Hmmm, let me get comfortable and do some computer work while on here...Daisy girl was very intrigued by a new puzzle Evan got...Ahhh, Evan is not a baby anymore, huh? Such a big boy!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mears Family Christmas

Christmas at the Mears household was celebrated last weekend. It was great! We woke up and ventured downstairs to see what was under the tree. Evan was quite pleased...I wonder what this could be?
Santa wrapped this gift because he knew how much Evan loved to unwrap presents. He could not just leave this gift under the tree unwrapped! Here is Evan tearing into his gift...Evan was so excited he got a bike from Santa that he didn't even finish unwrapping it before jumping on...Checking out what is under the tree...
Here is Evan playing with a clock puzzle that Mommy and Daddy got him...On my bike with my Bears football...ready to go! Santa brought stickers in my stocking. I put this one on the tree...Cutie pie! Don't you just want to give him kisses all over his sweet face?!We took our Christmas decorations down this weekend. Evan had a blast helping us undecorate the tree. He'd get very excited and run from the tree to the table where we were putting the ornaments. I have to wait how long until Christmas again?...